FlexWage is the leading provider of financially responsible short term liquidity for employees. On Demand Pay was developed and patented in 2010, and remains the only non-loan cash flow acceleration solution. On Demand Pay is delivered as an employer sponsored financial wellness benefit. On Demand Pay interfaces with employer HR and payroll systems to provide employees with managed access to accrued wages within the pay cycle, helping American households avoid the debt trap associated with using high-cost lending alternatives. Funds accessed are deducted from the associated payroll, no interest, no loan, and no stress.

The Problem:

Over 50% of the US workforce live paycheck to paycheck.  Small amounts of earning or expense volatility can disrupt a thinly balanced budget.  Short term liquidity comes at a punitive premium through bank overdraft or short term lending fees.  The stress induced by these debt cycle products have a negative impact on employee productivity, job satisfaction and retention.

The Facts:

  • $32 billion in bank overdraft/NSF fees
  • $9 billion in payday lending fees and interest
  • 17,000 U.S. payday lending locations and online sites
  • $6 billion in lending fees at 11,000 pawn shops
  • $5 billion title loan fees, 1 out of every 6 borrowers face vehicle forfeiture
  • Bank deposit advance users average 10 per year
  • 46 % of employees spend three or more hours during the workweek dealing with or thinking about financial issues

The Solution:

By combining the FlexWage payroll card with our proprietary On Demand Pay technology, we eliminate workers reliance on the entire range of expensive financial products, prevent employees from incurring further debt, and help them establish a more secure economic future. In addition, by mitigating financial stress, we drive downstream health benefits and increased productivity in the workplace.


FlexWage® and On Demand Pay deliver a high-value, low-cost employee benefit to your company.

  • FlexWage’s payroll cards drive adoption of electronic payroll, reduce payroll costs, and ensures pay is delivered on time to all employees, not just those who elect direct deposit.
  • FlexWage’s On Demand Pay provides your employees with financial flexibility and increased disposable income by providing access to earned wages before payday, eliminating the need for check-cashing stores and a variety of payday, title loan, and other predatory lenders.
  • On Demand Pay reinforces the value of existing financial wellness programs, often providing employees the needed cash flow to utilize 401(k), IRA and Health Savings Accounts.
  • On Demand Pay interfaces with your company’s HRMS to provide employees with instant access to earned wages between pay periods. All without additional paperwork, time-delays, or disruption.
  • On Demand Pay is not a loan. It provides access to earned but unpaid wages. Employees are not burdened with interest or payback periods.
  • FlexWage and On Demand Pay differentiates your company and generates positive PR and goodwill.