Frank Dombroski

President & CEO

Frank is the creator of the FlexWage business solution. He manages the strategic direction of the business and leverages his expertise in the market to drive key relationships and exposure.

Prior to founding FlexWage, Frank managed the Commercial Payment Solutions business at JP Morgan. He was responsible for P&L management, business strategy, and product development. Frank’s leadership spanned both domestic and global program offerings. He also managed the Visa/MasterCard relationships and sat on the commercial executive council for both networks. During his six years of leadership, JP Morgan grew from the fifth largest provider to become the market leader, increasing annual volume from $4.5 billion to $30 billion.

Prior to joining JPMC, Frank was president and CEO of two emerging technology companies providing enterprise technology and process automation solutions for the airline and corporate travel industries. Frank is credited as the inventor of three business system and process patents and has served as an industry expert, frequently featured in the media and at market events.

Frank also spent 12 years at American Express, holding various management roles in the Merchant Services division. He was a central figure in the development and launch of the American Express Corporate Purchasing Card and was highly recognized in both sales and management roles.

Dennis Sullivan

Vice President
Product Management

Denny serves as head of product management and operations at FlexWage. In this capacity he is responsible for product management, development, client implementations, operations, and customer support.

Prior to joining FlexWage, Denny was Vice President/Senior Product Manager with JP Morgan, Global Commercial Card. He served as product owner of the industry’s largest purchasing card portfolio with more than $20 billion in annual spend and JP Morgan’s middle market product with $2.8 billion in annual spend. Denny was often called upon to lead product enhancement efforts for other products and groups, including custom travel and entertainment card functionality and fraud management techniques.

Previously, Denny led new product development at MasterCard’s Remote Payment & Presentment (RPPS) unit with a primary focus on automating the delivery of electronic bill payments to small and midsized companies. Denny also held roles at First Data and served in a variety of capacities at Sears Credit before transitioning into a corporate IT governance role at Sears. In his governance capacity, he created, implemented, and managed the Sears Enterprise Prioritization and Gating process providing IT investment oversight across all Sears business units, encompassing more than 250 technology projects and a $105 million operating budget.

Denny holds a B.S. in organizational behavior from Northwestern University.

Charles Hurst

Vice President

Charles serves as head of the FlexWage technology group. In this capacity, he is responsible for IT strategy, development, and operations of the FlexWage systems.

Prior to joining FlexWage, Charles was a Senior Development Manager in IBM's Workplace, Portal, Lotus, and Collaboration division. He had worldwide responsibility for mobile Java technology development and managed OEM relationships and integration with top-tier device manufacturers including Palm, Samsung, and Nokia.

Charles has 20 years of experience in leading software R&D teams and delivering high-value, flexible, scalable, maintainable software solutions. His technology experience spans traditional card processing, online payment systems, mobile handsets, e-commerce, and military analysis. He has led rapid system development for several start-up ventures, developed high-volume e-commerce sites, and he oversaw the architecture and development of an emerging transaction processing system at Hypercom Corp. Prior to collaborating on FlexWage, Charles worked for Frank Dombroski at i-Tinerary Travel Solutions, where Charles led the systems development.

Charles holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and completed IBM professional programs in project management, management, and technology leadership.