Spend more time with your family instead driving to the check-cashing store.
Transfer money from your mobile device in seconds.
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Check your balances and add money to your card anytime you need to.
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When an emergency arises, access your funds instantly.
Shop online anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted.
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Send money to family members in seconds, even internationally.

FlexWage® delivers a high-value, low-cost employee benefit to your company

  • FlexWage drives adoption of electronic payroll, reduces payroll costs, and ensures pay is delivered on time.
  • FlexWage reinforces the value of existing financial wellness programs.
  • WageBank interfaces with your HRMS to provide employees instant access to earned wages between pay periods.
  • WageBank is not a loan. It provides access to earned but unpaid wages. There is no interest or payback period.
  • WageBank provides your employees with financial flexibility and increased disposable income.
  • FlexWage differentiates your company and generates positive PR and goodwill.
  • FlexWage increases employee productivity, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.