FlexWage Featured in Kiplinger Letter

Thanks to Kiplinger for featuring FlexWage in the Kiplinger Letter If your business relies on low-income workers and has a lot of turnover…Check out FlexWage, a business service that facilitates payroll advances, which are a headache for some … Continued

Employee Financial Stress Diminishes Productivity

Your employees’ financial stress is costing you money. Almost half of working American adults have trouble paying their household expenses on time, causing them increasingly higher amounts of stress, according to a 2011 survey conducted b… Continued

Underbanked Inspire a Wealth of Services

Originally Posted at: cfsinnovation. com/content/underbanked-inspire-wealth-services Underbanked Inspire a Wealth of Services By Jennifer Tescher Who has the best, most innovative financial product aimed at the underbanked? An array of cutting-e… Continued

FlexWage implements WageBank at 1-800 CONTACTS

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – April 8 – FlexWage Solutions LLC (FlexWage) and 1-800 CONTACTS announced the rollout of WageBank, a unique benefit that enables employees to access earned wages in advance of scheduled payday. By combining the best featu… Continued