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FlexWage Is Earned Wage Access Done Right

The FlexWage Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution provides employers and employees with sustainable financial empowerment benefits while meeting the complexities of federal and state labor, banking, and lending laws.

FlexWage is the only solution on the market that has undergone extensive and deliberate Federal and State regulatory scrutiny and in the opinion of California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) can operate freely and without license.

We have always described our solution as “Earned Wage Access done right” and this strong and positive opinion from California supports that.

Earned Wage Access is a great benefit to help with recruiting, retention, and employee engagement.

FlexWage EWA is employer funded.

Employer Funded

FlexWage Earned Wage Access solutions are employer-funded.

FlexWage EWA uses accurate calculations.

Accurate Calculations

Accurate net earned wage calculations are made possible through data integration.

FlexWage EWA provides instant funds to the employees account of choice.

Instant Fund Access

Funds are delivered instantly to the employee’s account of choice.

FlexWage EWA has low fees.

Responsible Fees

High dollar value transactions, low fees, pay cycle and monthly caps.

“I would definitely recommend FlexWage to any organization that is looking for an excellent employee benefit to add to their toolbox.”

— United Methodist Memorial Home

Gain peace of mind with an Earned Wage Access solution from FlexWage.

Trustworthy • Safe • Responsible

First Of Its Kind Earned Wage Access Legal Opinion From California’s DFPI

The legal opinion from California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) states that, “for its EWA solution, neither FlexWage nor its employer partners are subject to licensing requirements by the California Financing Law (CFL) or California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law (CDDTL).”

“It is important to note both that the funds come from the employer, not FlexWage, and those funds do not exceed the amount the employer owes a recipient.”
— Charles Carriere, Senior Counsel of DFPI

“The ruling represents the DFPI’s commitment to provide clarity to financial services providers, particularly when doing so advances the DFPI’s complementary goals of consumer protection and fostering responsible financial innovation,”
— Maria Luisa Cesar, Deputy Commissioner for Communications DFPI

FlexWage DFPI Legal Ruling

Learn more from the FlexWage press release or for the full opinion on FlexWage’s Earned Wage Access solution, please see the letter on the DFPI’s official site.


Regulatory clarity helps eliminate misconceptions & misrepresentation.

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