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Hand In Control

Empower Your Employees

Put financial wellness back in the palm of your employees’ hands. Earned Wage Access positively impacts their well-being by enabling them to take control of their finances.

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More Engaged Employees

By reducing your employee’s money stress, employees can be more productive. Help your employees access the wages they’ve earned to manage unexpected expenses between paychecks.

Competitive advantage

Gain Competitive Edge

Great talent requires great benefits. Gain a competitive advantage in recruiting and retention by offering FlexWage Earned Wage Access as part of your overall benefits package.

How Does Earned Wage Access Work?


You Are In Control

You define the policies that empower and protect your employees including the percentage of available wages, frequency of access, and minimum transfer amount. Policies can be adjusted for multiple employee populations and locations.


Automated and Accurate

Available funds for Earned Wage Access are accurately calculated from actual hours worked. Deductions and withholdings are applied and pay statement accuracy is ensured.


Easy to Administer

Integration with your payroll and HRMS are automated. Any changes to employee payrates or status in your internal systems are automatically reflected in the FlexWage OnDemand Pay system.


Easy to Use

Employees simply download the FlexWage OnDemand Pay mobile app, connect their Visa debit card, and deposit a portion of their earned wages to their Visa debit card. It’s simple, accurate, automated, and highly coveted.


Enabled by Visa Direct

With Visa Direct, FlexWage OnDemand Pay gives employees a quick and simple way to access their earned wages using the debit card they already carry. It’s peace of mind for both you and your employees.


Proven Experience

For more than 10 years, using our patented OnDemand Pay technology, we’ve been helping employees access the earnings they’ve worked hard for when emergencies happen.

“I would definitely recommend FlexWage to any organization that is looking for an excellent employee benefit to add to their toolbox.” — United Methodist Memorial Home

FlexWage Early Wage Access


FlexWage Earned Wage Access is an employee benefit that enables your employees to access a portion of their earned wages before payday to solve short-term cash needs without borrowing money, incurring late fees, or bouncing checks.

“A car repair or medical expense often can’t wait, and not being able to pay is extremely stressful. Having access to their money when it is earned can improve not only people’s financial well-being, it can improve their entire lives.” — Frank Dombroski, President & CEO


According to a study commissioned by Visa*

Money Stress Impacts Health

  • More than 8 out of 10 employees spend time at work thinking about or dealing with finances each week. This time employees spend on their personal finances takes away from their work productivity.
  • Financial stress can lead to health-related issues and reduced productivity costing nearly $500 billion a year across the country.

Extra Help When Needed

  • 44% of employees have less than $500 saved for unexpected expenses. Employees are looking for access to their income to help them make ends meet.
  • 84% of employees want earned wage access of $500 or less per pay cycle
  • 58% of employees would use their early earnings for groceries

Offering Better Benefits

  • 95% of employees say they’d be interested in working for an employer who provides Early Wage Access
  • 89% of employees would be willing to work for a longer period of time for an employer who offers early wage access
  • 79% of employees would be willing to switch jobs for Early Wage Access

*Earned Wage Access Preferences Survey (April 2019). Commissioned by Visa and conducted by AYTM among 1,000 employees across the United States

“Employees are THRILLED with OnDemand Pay Early Wage Access.” — Alliance Data

“Your program is Amazing! …sometimes have bills or unexpected expenses pop up and just need a little extra help until the next payday!”— FlexWage App User

Financial Wellness For Employees

Employers offer financial wellbeing programs primarily to enhance the employee experience. Those that prioritize and deliver financial wellness benefits for their employees see improved productivity and retention. Employees, whether they actively use those benefits or not, appreciate that the company cares about their engagement and well-being.

Through early access to already earned wages, we help them get their pay when they need it to avoid expensive short-term borrowing. From there, our tools to help them track their money and provide them personalized, step-by-step financial guidance helps them break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and build toward financial freedom.

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