Fiserv Publishes FlexWage Case Study

FlexWage partner, Fiserv, published a new case study highlighting this new partnership.

According to Fiserv, “On-demand wage payments can be a game-changer when workers face unexpected life events, such as a car repair or medical expense. By using Digital Disbursements from Fiserv, FlexWage expands the way people can access their pay to include direct deposits to their checking or savings accounts at the time of their choice.”


FlexWage has developed a solution to help people access cash while avoiding the cycle of debt associated with payday loans and other costly short-term liquidity options. The company offered an option to access pay through a branded card but needed secure technology that could expand the ways people access their pay.


Digital Disbursements allows FlexWage to offer a real-time money transfer option. By signing up with their debit cards, workers are able to transfer funds directly into their checking or savings accounts in real time. Ease of implementation, flexibility, bank-grade security, and competitive pricing made it easy for FlexWage to choose Fiserv.

Proof Points

Since FlexWage implemented Digital Disbursements in June 2019, the company has seen increases in users, employer partners, and amount of transactions. Additional benefits include:

A convenient option for employees increases adoption: Employee adoption has increased by more than 10 percent. Many workers appreciate that they don’t need to enroll in a card program or carry an extra card.

A ready-to-go solution: Employers are able to offer workers a real-time wage payment service without needing to enroll in a new payroll card program; with Digital Disbursements, they can access a turnkey digital solution that meets an important need in the workforce.

Digital payments that help employers compete for talent: Call centers, food and beverage, and retail can be especially susceptible to losing workers to opportunities in the gig economy, which typically pays more frequently. Digital on-demand payments can help employers in these fields to attract and retain employees.

Read the full case study on the Fiserve case study site.