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When it comes to money, most people just want to have enough. What’s enough?  The answer is all about you – it’s an entirely personal thing.  No one else’s financial journey matters.  The financial industry hasn’t quite caught up to that, though, and constantly compares us to each other when it comes to money.  We know, however, that your journey starts wherever you are and moves step by step toward your goals.

When we start to break it down, your “enough” probably shares a few common elements with others’:
• Being able to cover your day-to-day expenses
• Putting away about 10% of what you make toward retirement
• Having a cushion so you can enjoy the occasional indulgence that makes life so sweet

Those three things, in that order, is what everybody needs – no matter how much they make – to be in control of their financial picture. 

Sometimes being able to cover your day-to-day expenses is challenge enough. Expenses don’t always fall neatly in the pay cycle. OnDemand Pay lets you access some of your earned wages before the next pay day, when you need it most. So you get to control when you get your pay, and stop paying expensive interest and fees charged on borrowing the funds or loading up your credit cards.

Beyond that, Sum180 helps you prioritize how you use your money so you can get on track with #1, then #2, and finally #3.   When will you be done?  Well, the truth is that steadily maintaining all three of those things, year after year (even in retirement!), is the only way to stay in control.  But, it’s kind of like closets…you spend the weekend organizing and everything is right where it should be and then, life happens.  Things get messy.  Your money is like that, too.  Every so often, you’ve got to check back in and straighten things up. That’s ok. That’s how things really work.

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What do we to do help?  First we help you deal with unexpected bills that you would normally have to borrow to cover by helping you access your earned pay right then, when you need it most. If you can avoid borrowing to meet your day-to-day needs, you’ll be able to put the cost savings (not paying high interest and fees) towards more of the good stuff. OnDemand Pay is there to make things a little easier every day.

Beyond that, when you give us a little information about your #msoo – what you Make, what you Spend, what you Own, and what you Owe – Sum180 gives you the right Next Step for you.  It will be one that you can start on immediately to move forward with your money.  Knock out the first one, and move on to the next, and you will automatically be building toward your goals and becoming financially well.

You’ll breathe easier with more control over your pay, and your money. And you’ll find that each Next Step is simple to understand and accomplish. That’s not the same as “easy” though, and we know it.  You’ll need to change how you spend money and save it to accomplish each step. Knowing what to do makes that a lot easier, though. Lean on us along the way for support, progress reports and encouragement.

When, and only when, you feel ready, you can check-in with our financial wellness coaches to get some perspective on where you stand. You can bounce your plans and concerns off of us for objective feedback. No lectures, just listening and supporting you in achieving your goals.

We understand that you don’t need (or want!) to spend hours and hours learning about finances before you can move forward.  We’re not here to teach you about your money.  We’re here so you can spend about 5 minutes checking in every week to stay on top of your Next Steps. We’re here to give you the tools you need to take control of your money.


Covering your expenses, saving for retirement, and being able to do some fun stuff – that’s the back drop of living a life you love without stressing about it.  We believe everyone deserves that — now and in the future.  And we’re here to provide a little help. We learn from every person’s journey and we get better, which means that by being part of the FlexWage movement, you are giving back to others who are working to deal with their money, too.

We’re looking forward to getting started.