We're focused on improving financial wellness of every employee.

Who We Are

FlexWage is a leading provider of financial wellness solutions as an employee benefit.  OnDemand Pay was developed and patented in 2010, to help employers provide financially-responsible short term liquidity for employees through early access to earned wages, and remains the only non-loan cash flow acceleration solution.  Sum180 was developed to provide step-by-step support and insights to employees on their journey to improved financial wellness in an engaging mobile app experience that employees expect.

Management Team

FlexWage was founded by and has attracted outstanding leaders from across financial services, technology and digital marketing industries. Each has an exceptional record of success in building organizations and teams that innovate, drive and adapt to change, and deliver sustainable value to customers and shareholders.

  • Frank Dombroski

    President & CEO

    Frank is the founder of FlexWagethe innovator and patent holder for responsible early access to earned wages.  As CEO he manages the company’s strategic direction and partnerships.  Frank brings deep expertise in developinglaunching, and growing digital payment  solutions, starting at American Express where he developed and launched their Corporate Purchasing Card, to JP Morgan Chase, where he led the Commercial Payment Solutions business, increasing annual volume from $4.5 billion to $30 billion in six years. Frank is credited as the inventor of three business system and process patents and has served as an industry expert, frequently featured in the media and at market events. 

  • Charles Hurst

    Senior Vice President, Technology

    Charles has worked closely with Frank since the inception of FlexWage to build a platform realizing the vision of responsible early access to wages. Charles has over 20 years of experience leading software R&D teams and delivering high-value, flexible, scalable, maintainable software solutions. His technology experience spans card processing, online payment systems, mobile handsets, e-commerce, and military analysis. Charles holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and completed IBM professional programs in project management, management, and technology leadership.  

  • Chris Suppa

    Senior Vice President, Business Development

    Chris leads Business Development at FlexWage and engages with new partners and clients, globally.  Previously, Chris was Director, U.S. Market Development for MasterCard, overseeing business development and relationship management for several of MasterCard’s largest U.S. merchants.  He held roles in MasterCard’s Loyalty and Rewards business, with global responsibility for Product Management, Product Development and Strategy and Analytics. Chris also spent 10 years at JP Morgan Chase in the U.S. Consumer Card business. Chris holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Siena College and an MBA from Columbia University.

  • Nancy DeFauw

    Product Advocate

    As employee #2 at Sum180, Nancy has managed product development and client operations since the company’s launch.  Nancy started her career working with card issuers and their product providers to increase portfolio revenue and customer acquisition.  With a background in data analytics, predictive modeling, and application development management, Nancy has spent more than 20 years helping Discover, Allstate, DIRECTV and other Fortune 500 businesses implement new strategies and products for growth. Nancy graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Knox College with dual degrees in History and Economics.

  • Cordi Powell

    Lead Advisor, Sum180

    Cordi is the founder of Favored Financial Planning and a member of ACP (The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners) and Kingdom Advisors. Prior to founding Favored Financial Planning, Cordi received a Doctor of Medicine and completed a medical residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Brody School of Medicine in Greenville, N.C. She recognizes many similarities between achieving physical fitness and being fiscally fit when working toward achieving your goals. Cordi has also worked with individuals through Financial Freedom, a church program, helping them to identify and achieve their financial goals. Cordi is a Certified Financial Planner™ as well as an Enrolled Agent (EA); which means that she can represent her clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).