Rethink tips. Rethink gig. Rethink possible.

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Flexible payments sent to your employees in seconds.

Through a simple-to-use online portal, web services, or via a batch interface, employers enter the amount they want to send to the employee and Flex Pay manages the rest.  Funds can be immediately made available onto a VISA debit card for use at any VISA merchant or ATM.

Interested in supporting your employee’s financial wellness as well?  FlexWage can partner with you to set up guard rails on how much of the tips and comp to make available to employees.  Employers can set funding guidelines to ensure that employees will have enough at the end of the pay cycle to cover their taxes and benefits.  Or we can put that control in your employee’s hands, by allowing them to request a transfer of a portion of the available funds, rather than automatically receiving it all.

Flex Pay is equally ready to manage ad-hoc or one-time payments to employees and contractors, including 1099 wages, commissions, and bonuses; or payments required at employee termination – like unpaid vacation or final wages outside the regular pay cycle.

A reporting feedback loop provides Employers with the record keeping they need for their payroll systems.

Employer Benefits:

  • Instant – digital payments to employees eliminate check and cash payouts
  • Safer – employees not leaving at shift end with cash
  • Reliable – no lost checks to reissue
  • Flexible – not just for tips; pay “gig” workers, pay out bonuses, manage termination payouts
  • Efficient – automate and streamline ad hoc payments

Great for Managing:

  • Tips
  • 1099 payments
  • Per diems
  • Commissions and Bonuses
  • Incentive payouts
  • Attendance awards
  • Vacation prepay
  • Termination pay