FlexWage’s Service Commitment Around COVID-19 Concerns: We are Here for You!

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the impact it is having on our global communities, customers, employees, and families, we would like to take a minute to share our plans with you.

As a leader in delivering Earned Wage Access solutions, we are focused on providing a secure and trusted platform to power a mission-critical employee benefit. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we expect to continue to deliver the same level of service excellence to our customers and have the following measures in place to ensure our combined success:

Availability of our Teams

FlexWage is a distributed organization with employees in all departments who work remotely as well as distributed in offices across the country. All of our employees are equipped to seamlessly connect with our colleagues and our customers in a secure and productive environment while working remotely at any time. We are confident in our continued ability to serve your business, regardless of our physical work locations.

Availability of our Services

Our technology platform is fully automated. For our external partners and technical service providers, such as cloud infrastructure vendors, we partner with enterprise-grade, industry-leading organizations who themselves have also been ahead of the curve in best-practices during this outbreak.

Helping You Quickly

As a reminder, if you ever have a question or need support, contact your salesperson or relationship manager or email us at support@flexwage.com

We are very grateful for the role we play in your lives and work and remain as committed as ever to ensuring success amongst our clients, their employees, and the community. We wish you, your colleagues, and your families safety, wellness, and positivity during these challenging times.