Are you missing hours?

How does FlexWage receive my hours worked?
FlexWage receives information about when you work from your employer.

When does FlexWage receive my hours worked?
Hours are typically received the next calendar day. However, it does occasionally take an additional day. Please wait one day after you expected your hours to appear prior to reporting a missing shift.

Should all of my hours appear in FlexWage?
No. FlexWage does not always receive all hours worked. Only regular hours and certain job codes are eligible for OnDemand pay. Your employer may also have a maximum number of eligible hours per day (this is often 8 hours).

If your hours are still missing after this time, please email support the following information and a Support Representative will review your request.

  • Username:
  • Employer: 
  • Did you have any issues clocking in or out?
  • Dates of missing shifts and hours: