How does ODP help employees on a daily basis?

Most individuals have experienced financial struggles at some point in their lives. For many, it is a way of life.

Effective money management skills are not taught in school or by our parents, which leaves personal finance to be somewhat of a mystery. By the time individuals graduate high school and become an adult, they spend their money the only way they know how. Paying rent, car payments, paying off debt, financially supporting family, and reoccurring medical expenses may leave them living paycheck to paycheck. If that isn’t hard enough, miscellaneous expenses also come up that may need to be paid on the spot. If this wasn’t in their budget, they may be forced to take out loans with high-interest rates or be charged bank overdraft fees.

Having access to earned pay before payday helps cover sudden expenses and bills when falling behind without taking out a loan! OnDemand Pay is not only helpful for emergencies or paying bills but is useful for other necessary budget items. It allows one to effectively manage their hard-earned money on their terms and build a better financial picture. This is not only a benefit but a tool to help employees get on track with their finances.