We are sorry that you are having trouble making a transfer and for any inconvenience it may have caused. Please confirm the following before proceeding. You may need to contact your bank. 

  • Is your card activated? If not, please contact your bank to activate it.
  • Is your card currently blocked or locked due to recent transactions? If so, please contact your bank to unblock your card.
  • If you have a reloadable card (Green Dot for example), has it already been registered and activated? You will need to follow the instructions received with your card.
  • Is your card expired or did you recently receive a new card? If so, you will need to remove it and add a new card using a browser at app.flexwage.com.

Please be aware, FlexWage has a security protocol in place that will not allow a user to make a transfer for one hour after 2 failed transfer attempts have been made. After the hour has elapsed you will then be able to attempt a transfer. 

If you are continuing to receive an error message and your bank has confirmed there are no issues, we would recommend adding a different card or getting a Green Dot reloadable card from Walmart, Walgreens or a similar retailer.  

If you are using your personal debit card to make OnDemand transfers and you need to change/update these details, this must be done through a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. You may login to your account here: app.flexwage.com.