Earned Wage Access using existing technology

Employees look to their employers for employment-related items beyond their jobs. These include health care and other benefits as well as solutions for financial education and wellness. When an employer assists an employee in these matters, it creates a sense of security that not only increases employee satisfaction and loyalty, but also drives productivity and retention. This is especially true for employees who live paycheck to paycheck, face steep overdraft or short-term lending fees, or struggle to meet other obligations created before their paycheck arrives. Unhealthy financial status hampers the mental well-being of employees, which in turn has an effect on productivity at the workplace. Adding to that is the ongoing pandemic which has brought uncertainties in terms of employment and new sources of debt. At this crucial juncture, employers are looking to companies like FlexWage to help improve the financial well-being of their employees by providing access to earned wages before payday (Earned Wage Access).

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