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Over 50% of the US workforce live paycheck to paycheck.

Small amounts of earning or expense volatility can disrupt a thinly balanced budget, often leading to bank overdrafts or short-term loans with high fees.  Financial stress has a negative impact on employee productivity, job satisfaction and retention.

Employee Retention

FlexWage provides instant access to earned wages building employee loyalty and increases retention.

Increased Productivity

You eliminate financial stress for your employees, and develop a more productive, satisfied workforce.

Cost Savings

FlexWage saves your company money by driving adoption of electronic pay to eliminate the expense of paper checks.

Revolutionize your company’s financial wellness benefit program with our fully-compliant and accurate on-demand pay solutions and financial wellness tools. With FlexWage you get the first and only patented solution from the most experienced, automated and trusted company in the industry.

Meet Cordi, a Financial Wellness Coach.

What financially vulnerable people need is access to high-quality products and experiences built to help them succeed by people who truly understand their financial situations and foibles. They need real-time advice and guidance, tailored to their specific situation and immediately actionable.

Jennifer Tescher, CFSI Founder and CEO, from The Problem with Financial Literacy

No more worrying about money at work.

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