Help Your Employees with Emergency Expenses.

Give your employees early wage access with their debit card.

EWA: Help Your Employees with Emergency Expenses

Show You Care. Offer Your Employees
FlexWage OnDemand Pay Early Wage Access (EWA)

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Instant Access

Employees instantly access their earned wages with their debit card.

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Real-time payments infrastructure gets money into your employee’s hands instantly.

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Fast Payments

Quickly make off-cycle payments without having to access your payroll system.

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Easy To Add

Easy to add new employees / 1099 workers.

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Easy To Track

Easy to track, reconcile, and report on all pay activity.

Employees Love FlexWage OnDemand Pay EWA!

“It allows me to handle things right away, especially in emergency situations.”

— Happy Employee

Companies Love
FlexWage OnDemand Pay EWA!

“FlexWage is a great option for employees to have easy access to their earned wages that is affordable and easy to use and track.”

— Neighborhood Trust

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Help Your Employees with Emergency Expenses

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Use Your Debit Card

  • Use a Visa or MasterCard branded card
  • It’s already in your wallet!
  • Easy to connect
  • Fast access to funds
  • Use transferred wages to pay anywhere Visa is accepted!

Trusted and Secure

  • Multi-layered VisaNet security
  • Extensive Visa payment network infrastructure
  • Trusted by hundreds of millions of people around the world!

FlexWage OnDemand Pay Early Wage Access (EWA) is enabled by Visa Direct push payment technology.

FlexWage is the first and only patented system for on-demand payments.

FlexWage OnDemand Pay: Accurate. Compliant. Secure.

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