Your financial lifestyle. Just better.

Improved employee well-being and engagement.

The jury is in on financial wellness for employees. Employers offer financial wellbeing programs primarily to enhance the employee experience. Those that prioritize and deliver financial wellness benefits for their employees see improved productivity and retention. Employees, whether they actively use those benefits or not, appreciate that the company cares about their engagement and well-being. This benign cycle has the potential to unlock the individual potential of every member of your team.

Too often, however, there is a disconnect between the kind of financial information and advice employers offer and what employees really want. When asked what would help improve employee financial wellness most, employees say “help me focus on the single next thing to do — one step at a time.” Unfortunately, to that same question, employers say “we should focus on overall personal finances.”

Our financial wellness solutions use cutting-edge technology to give employees the help they really want. Through early access to already earned wages, we help them get their pay when they need it to avoid expensive short-term borrowing. From there, our tools to help them track their money and provide them personalized, step-by-step financial guidance helps them break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and build toward financial freedom.

Pay Day just became a bit more worry-free.

Early access to wages, convenient safe pay cards and same day tips.

How It Works

Track your money and your next steps for a better financial lifestyle.

Engaging, personalized mobile experience gives users an immediate budget, educational how-to’s, ability to link and view all of their accounts, and access to a coach for questions and planning support.

How It Works

What Our Community is Saying…

  • “It’s such a relief to learn I am not as far behind as I thought! Now I’m turning the energy I used for worrying into action that moves me toward my goals.”

    — Cindy R., Teacher & Speaker

  • “I have the hardest time saving money. But now I’m focusing on working smarter, not harder. I won’t be spinning my wheels just to be ‘safe’ with my money!”

    — Josh J., Lifestyle Guru, Self-employed

  • “When you have confidence in your own financial plan, it’s easier to stop the comparison game and go with what works for you.”

    — Veronica C., Digital Content Professional

Say goodbye to the low balance lifestyle.

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