FlexWage helps employees in times of financial need.

For employers, it’s especially important to take extra measures to care for your employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Families are struggling due to the economic disruption brought by the pandemic.  Even if employees still have their jobs, their loved ones may have been laid off or experienced new difficulties because of the effects of the virus. This places extra burdens on all family members.  Individuals are experiencing stress, financial burdens, and sudden life changes they were not prepared for. 

FlexWage’s OnDemand Pay offering early wage access helps employees in times of financial need. Human Resource professionals are increasingly looking to add this benefit to better support their employees’ financial health.

Early wage access can aid employees in recovering from hardships caused by the pandemic. This tool helps employees avoid expensive short-term borrowing costs and overdraft fees. It also improves employee satisfaction and retention, along with eliminating requests for manual payroll advances. Lastly, it increases employee productivity and reduces absenteeism. 

It is ultimately a win-win for the employer and employee. Request a demo today.