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Make it easier for your employees to get their pay when they need it with Earned Wage Access (EWA).

Pay Day just became a bit more worry-free.

Early access to wages, convenient safe pay cards and same day tips.

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We know your payroll process is already involved, and yet you want to offer the newest pay solutions for your team to ensure they are getting what they need. Quicker, more secure pay from a pay card, same-day closeout for tips, and early access to their already earned wages are all ways to help employees have more control over how they get paid.

Powerful pay benefits like these show employees that you care, and that’s been proven to improve their overall employee experience, increase their longevity in the job, and grow loyalty over time.

All of this without fundamentally changing your payroll process or necessarily creating any additional cost. Revolutionize your company’s financial wellness benefit program with our fully-compliant and accurate on-demand pay solution. With FlexWage you get the first and only patented solution from the most experienced, automated and trusted company in the industry.

By combining the FlexWage payroll card with our proprietary OnDemand Pay technology, we eliminate workers reliance on the entire range of expensive financial products, prevent employees from incurring further debt, and help them establish a more secure economic future. In addition, by mitigating financial stress, we drive downstream health benefits and increased productivity in the workplace.

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Employee Benefits:

  • FlexWage’s payroll cards drive adoption of electronic payroll, reduce payroll costs, and ensures pay is delivered on time to all employees, not just those who elect direct deposit.
  • FlexWage’s OnDemand Pay provides your employees with financial flexibility and increased disposable income by providing access to earned wages before payday, eliminating the need for check-cashing stores and a variety of payday, title loan, and other predatory lenders.
  • OnDemand Pay reinforces the value of existing financial wellness programs, often providing employees the needed cash flow to utilize 401(k), IRA and Health Savings Accounts.
  • OnDemand Pay interfaces with your company’s HRMS to provide employees with instant access to earned wages between pay periods. All without additional paperwork, time-delays, or disruption.
  • OnDemand Pay is not a loan. It provides access to earned but unpaid wages. Employees are not burdened with interest or payback periods.
  • FlexWage and OnDemand Pay differentiates your company and generates positive PR and goodwill.

Say goodbye to the low balance lifestyle.

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